Your Journey

At our organisation, we take great attention in fostering the leader capabilities within our members and give the opportunity to put these skills into practice. Our teams are cross-functional and flexible, allowing you to have the full responsibility and become the leader of a particular task. We make this possible by implementing the most widely used agile management technique – Scrum. It is used by companies such as Google, Facebook and BBC.

We will teach everyone (no prior knowledge required) how to build and grow a social venture. We will connect you with people who can help you with many different aspects of running a social startup (through workshops or direct contact). Most importantly, if you haven’t done so, you will discover your own strengths (and possibly weaknesses). We believe in a growth mindset, and we are sure that this experience will help you learn and grow personally and professionally.

At the end of the year, we strongly encourage our members to take the next step and continue their journey with Enactus by taking on a leadership position. For instance, by becoming a venture advisor, team leader or board member. By this time, you will have the expertise to guide others through this learning journey and gain indispensable skills of leadership.