Luca Spring

Luca Spring, BSc IBA & Philosophy

Working at Enactus has not only shaped my student time in Rotterdam, but taught me a total different perspective on society and affected my career aspirations strongly. How can we tackle today’s social challenges? Is charity actually an effective solution? For me, Enactus represents a step in a new direction, a step that uses the most powerful tool we have – business itself. Through Enactus, I could join this exciting new generation of business. This way, I got to know many inspiring entrepreneurs from all over the world, acquire incredibly valuable experiences in running a start-up and managing a student association, and make a positive impact in society.


Pia Uhlenberg.jpg

Pia Uhlenberg, BSc Management of International Social Challenges

Social entrepreneurship is about making sustainable change and becoming an entrepreneur yourself. Enactus represents exactly that. As a team member, I experienced what it is like to have your own business while changing the people’s lives. I learned that sticking to the status quo will not lead to improvement and to be unafraid of a challenge. Who would have thought I would enjoy working in a start-up this much? Enactus not only enriched my time as a student but also shaped the way I look at society now. I know that for my future career, the lessons I learned at Enactus will be a great asset.