Team Leader CoCo

Do you want to take on the challenge of being the leader of a social startup?

About the position
As a team leader, are responsible for the coordination and motivation of your team.
Making sure that your team is as cohesive and productive as possible will be one of
your main tasks. Together with your team members, you will be responsible for
brainstorming ideas, contacting companies and institutions, and making critical
decisions about the venture. You will be the person accountable for the progress of
the venture and as well as the main contact with the board. You will have the
opportunity to recruit your own team in September as well as have the flexibility to
determine the objectives of your venture depending on its stage and need. Each
venture is coached by one person of the board to guide you and support you in your

About the venture
CoCo is a new venture by Enactus EUR created in 2017. The aim of the venture is to
reduce loneliness among youth (ages 14-18) in Rotterdam, since too many young
people still feel lonely. We fight loneliness by connecting the youth to various
volunteering activities, where they work in a group to complete the given activity.
Afterwards they have the opportunity to receive social rewards for their efforts. The
rewards are specifically designed to have a social aspect and to be enjoyed by
multiple people at once. This gives the youth the opportunity to redeem them with
people they met or worked with while volunteering. In doing so, the youth will not
only get to know the people they volunteered with but are also given the chance to
spend time together outside of the activity and begin to build meaningful
relationships. Overtime, it is expected that the youth will be able to improve their
social skills and create a sense of purpose and friendship, while benefiting their
community through the work they volunteer for.
CoCo is currently on the testing phase. This means that their focus is on
organizing pilots in order to refine their business model.


What we offer

  • Gain valuable experience on how to successfully build a self-sustaining social
  • Recruit your own team in September!
  • Gain knowledge and practical experience in conducting research
  • Develop your communication, networking, negotiation, and problem-solving
  • Gain confidence and responsibility in the business industry
  • Work with agile management technique; Scrum. A popular and successful
    framework for problem solving.
  • Work in a cross-functional team, which ensures that each person’s
    capabilities are used to their full potential
  • Contribute and attend the National Competition of Enactus Netherlands!
  • Join an ambitious and friendly community of social entrepreneurs

What we look for

  • Creativity – you do not see problems but also seek solutions
  • Proactiveness – willingness to try new things without being afraid of failure.
    Failing is part of learning.
  • Reliability – people can count on you to get the work done, you follow through
    on assignments and take complete ownership of your ideas.
  • Team player – able to work in a team and willing to compromise.
  • Time management – some weeks will be more work than others. We seek for
    people who are flexible with their time and effort between university and being
    a social entrepreneur
  • Motivation – your actions and decisions will dictate the success of the committee so
    we need motivated people that want to constantly improve it!
  • Commitment – be dedicated to the work and effort your position requires.

Other information

  • As a team leader, 14 hours a week will allow you to make the best out of this
  • The duration of the position is from June 2019-2020