Our Committees

Enactus Academy of Social Entrepreneurship (EASE)

Organises all our internal workshops, by assessing the needs of the Enactus members and finding suitable guest speakers to deliver valuable training sessions. These workshops aim to teach useful skills to our members, both for their future within and outside Enactus.

Think Tank

Responsible for identifying the most pressing social challenges in Rotterdam to ensure the maximum impact of our ventures. With the valuable desk and field research that the Think Tank collects, they determine which problem areas our future ventures should focus on.

Impact Measurement and Consulting (IMC)

Helps our ventures measure and improve their social impact by keeping track of the ventures’ performance throughout the year. 

Events Committee

Organises all events of Enactus EUR directed at our passive and active members. The events range from social activities (e.g., kick-off weekend) to in-house days with out corporate partners. 

Marketing Committee

Takes care of our social media platforms, website, offline and event marketing to raise awareness of Enactus EUR, on and off campus.

External Relations Committee

Strengthens our actual corporate network and works on establishing new partnerships with companies in our local environment.