Human-Centered Design Thinking (HCDT)

“Human-centered design is a process that starts with the people you’re designing for and ends with new solutions that are tailor-made to suit their needs.”

This is how describe HCDT in the first weeks’ reading of their course. What this means is that when creating solutions for a challenge, one constantly checks back directly with the need group and customer to find what works best and what suits their needs.

There are three phases in this approach:

The Inspiration Phase, where the focus lies on gaining a deep understanding of the need group one works with. This includes interviews, in-context immersions, talking to experts and a whole lot of empathy in order to really get to the core challenge.

The Ideation Phase is all aboutĀ making sense of the experiences and impressions gained, coming up with ideas, building prototypes, and experimenting, in order to learn even more. This is being done whilst constantly sharing what one is doing with the people one is designing for and understanding whether this is what they really need.

The Implementation Phase, is where you will realize those ideas and concepts into sustainable, valid solutions and bring them to the market.

Emerge HCDT Workshop Design Kit

Acumen HCDT Workshop

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