University of Social Entrepreneurship (USE)

Do you want to organise workshops that will make all our members at Enactus EUR better social entrepreneurs?

About the position

Enactus EUR values curiosity. We want to challenge the way we think, we want to empathise with those who are different from us, we want to discover new opportunities. One of the key takeaways of joining Enactus should be learning the mindset of a social entrepreneur: not only the business side of things (marketing, finance, scaling and etc.), but also the academic and social side. This is why we have established the University of Social Entrepreneurship, which brings people together from different fields to learn more about social entrepreneurship.

By becoming part of USE, you will gain indispensable communication skills and work with people from different backgrounds. Additionally, you will increase your professional network tremendously, as you will be working closely with speakers, consultants and other stakeholders. You will be able to see the outcomes of your work as the events become reality. You will be able to try out the field of organisational learning and development. You will be working with a very excited and curious chair of Enactus EUR who will be your coach and ensure that you have her full support. USE is still in the making, so we can shape it together! How can we make our members’ learning and discovery experience as fun as possible?

What will you do?

  • Organise workshops and inspirational tasks for our active and passive members.
  • Conduct a needs assessment with all our ventures and committees to see what knowledge or skills they are lacking. Based on the assessment, specific workshops can be organised.
  • Contact speakers, consultants, and/or businesses that can provide relevant workshops.
  • Insert your idea here!

What skills and traits would help you excel in this position?

  • Curiosity – being interested in new ideas, people, attitudes and experiences. Strong interest in learning and social entrepreneurship is a plus.
  • Communication skills – ability to deliver well-structured and professional communication both in a written and verbal form.
  • Demonstrate reliability – you exhibit a strong sense of reliability; people can count on you to get work done, you follow-up on assignments and take complete ownership of your ideas.
  • Proactiveness – you don’t wait for somebody to tell you what to do, you are full of ideas and you are ready to make them a reality.
  • Speaking Dutch language is preferred but not necessary

Other information

  • We are recruiting a team leader and team members for USE.
  • As a team member, 3-4 hours a week will allow you to make the best out of this position.

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