Think Tank Committee

Do you want to decide which problem area our next venture should focus on?

About the position

You will be responsible for identifying the most pressing problem areas in Rotterdam using evidence-based research. You will need to conduct not only desk research but also field research, such as contacting the potential need group of an identified problem or collaborating with stakeholders closest to the specific challenge. Your goal as a group is to gather information about different problem areas so that you can determine which one our future ventures should focus on. For example, last year’s Think Tank identified Food Waste as the most pressing problem area. This year, the Innovation Team will use all the knowledge and research collected by the Think Tank to create a sustainable business model to tackle that issue. As our mission at Enactus EUR is to tackle the most pressing societal challenges in Rotterdam, you will be playing an important part at the organization in ensuring that our ventures use their energy and resources where they are needed the most.

By working in the Think Tank you will gain knowledge and practical experience in conducting research, you will work together with experts, among others from the Impact Centre Erasmus, and be part of a thriving team of social entrepreneurs. Your committee will be working using the agile management technique Scrum, which is used in world’s top performing organizations. At our organization we are driven by curiosity and growth mindset, thus we want to provide you with opportunities to learn and experiment. This way you will learn about your strengths (and development areas). This knowledge will help you learn and grow personally and professionally. Lastly, you will publish your own research and have an impact on the way societal challenges are approached in Rotterdam.

What skills and traits would help you excel in this position?

  • Curiosity – being interested in new ideas, people, attitudes and experiences.
  • Research skills – ability to find relevant and interesting information and ability to
    Filter out unnecessary parts.
  • Communication skills – ability to deliver well-structured and professional communication both in a written and verbal form.
  • Demonstrate reliability – you exhibit a strong sense of reliability; people can count on you to get work done, you follow-up on assignments and take complete ownership of your ideas.
  • Listen actively – you absorb, understand and consider different types of ideas.

Other information

  • We are recruiting team members and a team leader for Think Tank Committee.
  • As a team leader, 3-4 hours a week will allow you to make the best out of this position. For team members, 2-3 hours a week.

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