Team Member of a Venture

Do you want to experience what it is like to run a social start-up?

About the position

You will be responsible for running an already existing startup of Enactus EUR with 3 other students. Together with your team, you grow your startup, make strategic decisions, become aware of your need group’s struggles and ensure that the startup creates positive social impact while being financially sustainable. Depending on the startup’s development phase, you will be creating or tweaking the business plan, maintaining contact with social organizations, building prototypes.

You will develop your teamwork and communication skills. You will have to learn how to present your ideas, critically evaluate the next possible steps and structure your work together. This will be made easier by using the agile management technique Scrum. You will also work as a cross-functional team, which ensures that each person’s capabilities are used to their full potential. This is why we strongly encourage our members to join from any faculty or study at Erasmus – diversity in teams enhances our creativity and problem solving. At our organization we are driven by curiosity and growth mindset, thus we want to provide you with opportunities to learn and experiment. Most importantly, if you haven’t done so, you will discover your own strengths (and possibly development areas). This knowledge will help you learn and grow personally and professionally.

What skills and traits would help you excel in this position?

  • Quick learner – ability to learn on the job and take on new responsibilities.
  • Communication skills – ability to deliver outstanding, well-structured and professional communication both in written and verbal form.
  • Demonstrate reliability – you exhibit a strong sense of reliability; people can count on you to get the work done, you follow through on assignments and take complete ownership of your ideas.
  • Listen actively – good listeners are essential for teams to function effectively. You absorb, understand and consider different ideas.
  • Participate actively – you come prepared for meetings, you listen and speak up in discussions.
  • Be a great team player – you cooperate, pitch in to help and take one for the team.  
  • Exhibit flexibility – good team players roll with the punches; they adapt to ever-changing situations.

Other information

  • We are recruiting team members for all of our ventures and committees
  • 3-5 hours a week will allow you to make the best out of this position

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