Team Leader of a Venture/Committee

Do you want to take on the challenge of being the leader of a social startup?

About the position

You will be a facilitative leader by making your team as cohesive and productive as possible. On top of your tasks as a team member, you will also be responsible for facilitating (making it easier for your team) the tasks your team members feel strongest at. So you will take on a role of a project manager who is responsible for initiation, planning, execution and monitoring of the startup. Together with your team members, you will be responsible for brainstorming ideas, contacting companies and institutions. Also, you will be the main contact person with Enactus EUR and NL and other stakeholders.

You will gain invaluable experience of leading a team, being responsible for running a startup while still studying. Together with your team you will develop your communication, networking, negotiation and problem-solving skills. You will gain confidence and responsibility not only for yourself but for others as well. You will have to learn how to present your ideas, critically evaluate the next possible steps and structure your work together. This will be made easier by using the agile management technique Scrum. You will also work as a cross-functional team, which ensures that each person’s capabilities are used to their full potential. This is why we strongly encourage our members to join from any faculty or study at Erasmus as diversity in teams enhances our creativity and problem solving. At our organization we are driven by curiosity and growth mindset, thus we want to provide you with opportunities to learn and experiment. Most importantly, if you haven’t done so, you will discover your own strengths (and possibly development areas). This knowledge will help you learn and grow personally and professionally.

What skills and traits would help you excel in this position?

  • Excellent communication and leadership skills.
  • Organizational and time-management skills.
  • Entrepreneurial mindset – pragmatic, self-motivated, hands-on and goal oriented mindset with the ability to thrive in a fast-paced decision-making environment.
  • Strategic thinking – ability to define long-term strategic goals and identify business opportunities.
  • Speaking Dutch language is preferred but not necessary

Other information

  • We are recruiting team leaders for BaanKompaan, CoCo, Innovation Project, Think Tank Committee, and Impact Measurement & Consulting (IMC)
  • 4-6 hours a week will allow you to make the best out of this position

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