Head of Project Management

Innovation is key in our organization. As the Head of Project Management you will have two main
priorities; the development and coaching of ventures and keeping track of the Venture Life Cycle.
During your time in the board you will be coaching and assisting venture(s). You will be in charge
of looking at their needs and assist them by facilitating their process. You will be encouraging the
use of helpful resources and innovation with their projects. To do all these you are a key player in
the team meetings, meaning that you will need to attend as many team meetings as you can to
keep up with their work and assist them when in need. You will be the ventures connection to the
board and will be in charge of updating the board on the progress of each venture!

As you are a key player in the development of the ventures, you will be responsible for keeping
an overview of all project developments together with your fellow board members who are also
coaches. Together with the board you will be tracking their position in the Venture Life Cycle and
creating awareness for the Venture Life Cycle itself as well as specific objectives for each
venture. These will help you in planning the gate meetings and deciding when they are needed.

Lastly, you will conduct continuous research on how to improve the Venture Life Cycle by, for
example, reviewing best practices, building relationships with stakeholders and keeping close
contact with Enactus NL and other Enactus Teams.

What we offer

  • Gain valuable experience on how to successfully guide an organization
  • Coach a venture and commitee of your choice!
  • Develop your communication, networking, negotiation, and problem-solving skills
  • Gain confidence and responsibility in the business industry
  • Work with agile management technique; Scrum. A popular and successful framework
    for problem solving.
  • Work in a cross-functional team, which ensures that each person’s capabilities are
    used to their full potential
  • Contribute and attend the National Competition of Enactus Netherlands!
  • Join an ambitious and friendly community of social entrepreneurs

What we look for

  • Creativity – you do not see problems but also seek solutions
  • Proactiveness – willingness to try new things without being afraid of failure. Failing is
    part of learning.
  • Reliability – people can count on you to get the work done, you follow through on
    assignments and take complete ownership of your ideas.
  • Team player – able to work in a team and willing to compromise.
  • Time management – some weeks will be more work than others. We seek for
    people who are flexible with their time and effort between university and being a
    social entrepreneur
  • Motivation – your actions and decisions will dictate the success of the organization
    so we need motivated people that want to constantly improve Enactus EUR!
  • Commitment – be dedicated to the work and effort your position requires.
  • Speaking Dutch is would be a plus but is not required.

Other information

  • Approximately 18 hours a week will allow you to make the best out of this position.
  • The duration of the position is from June 2019-2020
  • A monetary compensation is given to all board members

Interested? Apply here!