Our Board

Current board 

Enactus EUR is run by a group of six dedicated students. Together, they are responsible for the strategy of Enactus EUR and provide our members with help and support, in order for the organization to run smoothly. Our board members work together part-time. Do not hesitate to reach out to them by e-mail: they will be thrilled to share a cup of coffee with you or answer any inquiries.


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Monica Quintas 

Chairwoman: responsible for overseeing and setting the organizational strategy of Enactus EUR. By having a generic overview of the organisation, she ensures the growth and progress of all our ventures and committees. 

Contact: chairman@enactus-eur.nl

Matthijs Minnaar

Vice-Chairman, Treasurer and Head External Relations: the “money man” in general, he maintains and enhances our external relations with our corporate partners and network. 

Contact: treasurer@enactus-eur.nl

Helena Viegas de Abreu

Head of Project Management: responsible for the development and coaching of our ventures as well as keeping track of their place in the Venture Life Cycle. 

Contact: projectmanager@enactus-eur.nl 

Natalia Batres 

Head of Human Resources: coordinates the recruitment process of active and passive members. She also makes sure everyone enjoys the Enactus experience.

Contact: contact@enactus-eur.nl

Vivian Yeung

Head of Events: organizes all our events, ranging from In-house Days, Innovation Days, General Members Assembly, Charity Gala and social events.

Contact: events@enactus-eur.nl

Nakshat Gupta 

Head of Marketing & Communications: responsible for the social media presence of Enactus EUR. He organises marketing campaigns and keeps people updated on any major developments within Enactus. 

Contact: marketing@enactus-eur.nl

Previous boards

Board 2017/2018

Jasper de Jong

Agota Zebrauskyte

Nicolaas Spijker

Lena Sholpp

Leonie Scheel  

Board 2016/2017

Tom Hollestelle 

Mick Revy 

Elias Kock 

Kylian Van Oosterhout 

Nathalie Perl 

Dunvel Delias

Board 2015/2016

Luca Spring

Sharon Rikkers

Xiao-Min Tung

Mehrdad Farsadyar

Eliana Pagnutti

Board 2014/2015

Eszter Kocsis 

Jessica Anna

Charlie Wuff

Andrei Sili

Maaike Laura

Sergio DG

Board 2013/2014

Tim Heijmann

Xu Bo Khaw

Justin Faber

Jinre van der Veen

Board 2012/2013

Sientje Amerah Werner

Martin Kayser

Tim Geers

Helen Yeh

Nicolas Tobis