External Relations Position Description

Do you want to expand and manage the network of partners, advisors, and alumni of Enactus EUR? 

Enactus is about connecting academic knowledge with business expertise to help and empower communities in the area of Rotterdam through entrepreneurial action. As university students, we have the scientific knowledge covered. However, we are working on expanding the network of our business advisors and sponsors. Your help would be valuable for connecting Enactus EUR with an external network of advisors and possible sponsors.


As a team leader, are responsible for the coordination and motivation of your team. Making sure that your team is as cohesive and productive as possible will be one of your main tasks. Together with your team members, you will be responsible for brainstorming ideas, contacting relevant stakeholders, and making critical decisions about your committee. You will be the person accountable for the progress of the committee and as well as the main contact with the board as well as Enactus NL and other stakeholders.Each committee is coached by one person of the board to guide you and support you in your function.


You will be responsible for contacting relevant stakeholders and managing current partners with 3 or 4 other students. Together with your team, you grow our external relations network, make strategic decisions, and ensure that Enactus EUR is self-sustainable. 


  • Create and maintain contact with business advisors for our ventures and committees.
  • Attract funding for our organisation and ventures.
  • Together with the marketing team create promotional material that can be used to reach out to businesses.
  • Create a ‘network expansion strategy’ and foster Enactus EUR alumni network.

Which traits and abilities will help you to excel in this position?

  • Sales/Negotiation experience – you are able to establish contact with people from the business world and create relationships which yield mutual benefit.
  • Communication skills – ability to deliver well-structured and professional communication both in a written and verbal form.
  • Reliability – you exhibit a strong sense of reliability; people can count on you to get work done, you follow up on assignments and take complete responsibility of your ideas.
  • Proactiveness – you don’t wait for somebody to tell you what to do, you are full of ideas and you are ready to make them reality, you are a go-getter.
  • Speaking Dutch language is preferred but not necessary 

About the position:

  • We are recruiting for 1 Team Leader and 3 External Relations Managers.
  • As a team member, 3-5 hours a week will allow you to make the best out of this position.

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